COVID-19 – What is QCS doing?

A quick note to ensure our clients that we are doing what we can to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Following the advice of our local government, and healthcare officials, we will be limiting interaction with large groups. A good percentage of our support can be done remotely, and we will be using that option whenever possible to limit travelling between businesses as much as possible.

Please bear with us as we go through this. We are not panicked, but are being cautious. If you need help with anything, we will send you instructions on how to give us remote access to your computer, and we will do our best to service your computers from a distance. If we do need to come on sight for anything, please be assured that we are using hand washing and hand sanitizing protocols. We will also not shake your hand, or give you a hug 🙂

Have a great week everyone, and don’t fear, we will make it through this.